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Welcome to Russell Consulting Point Of Sale


We provide the most efficient POS systems available for the Hospitality and Retail Industries at the most competitive price points in the country.
Procuring the right POS solution for your business can be achieved in several ways.
Purchasing your POS hardware and software outright is one succesful method of automating your business. You pay cash or finance your purchase and you own it all.
It is highly recomended that your business maintain hardware and software support from the manufacturer or reseller in case of a hardware failure or software crash.
Another method for your POS solution purchase is to either use existing hardware, or purchase new hardware, and obtain a software subscription for the Retail or Hospitality software that best suits your particular business.
A third method that has become increasingly popular is to take advantage of the offers that Merchant Processors provide to their prospective customers.  The most common offer is free hardware and software suited to your specific business needs.
In return they usually expect you to use their integrated card processing and to maintain the hardware and software , that they provide at no charge, under a service contract while the POS solution is used in your business.

Finally you may not need a full POS system for your business, or you may not want one. In this case an ECR, Electronic Cash Register, may be just what you are looking for. These modern cash registers are fully programmable for your specific business application and are fully integrated with a credit card processing solution. The best part is that they are usually provided free of charge when using the vendors merchant processing provider.

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