HarborTouch System

 It has never been easier to take advantage of the benefits of POS. Harbortouch offers a full-featured point of sale system without all the hassle or the high cost. We removed the cost barrier and simplified the process so you can easily transition from your current setup to a state of the art touch-screen POS system that will allow you to focus on what’s important: keeping your customers satisfied and spending!

This is a complete FREE system.

A basic HarborTouch System consists of a 15" touch screen terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer and bar code scanner. Merchant processing is included with every system at very competitive rates. The cost for this basic system is FREE. However nothing is truly free. There is a monthly fee of $69.00, per system, to cover the cost of software and hardware support. You have to commit to a 36 month term. The good news is that this limits  your out of pocket and in most cases the monthly fee is a business expense.

Please visit our HarborTouch site for more information and videos!


HarborTouch EliteTM POS
Harbortouch Elite POS combines state-of-the-art, industry-specific software with top-of-the-line hardware to deliver a high quality POS system that is unmatched in functionality, reliability and performance.

No Up-Front Costs | $69 per month
HarborTouch EchoTM POS
The "Tablet Killer"
HarborTouch Echo POS combines the power and functionality of a traditional POS system with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet.

No Up-Front Costs | $39 per month
We offer various software options to meet the needs of every business:

HarborTouch Hospitality

Harbortouch Hospitality is perfect for virtually any type of dining establishment and delivers a wide range of restaurant specific features such as table tracking, check splitting, item sharing and happy hour specials among numerous others. It also includes advanced reporting, customer database and employee management with built-in time clock.

HarborTouch QSR and Delivery

Harbortouch QSR & Delivery is an ideal solution for quick service restaurants, delivery restaurants and fast-paced bars. A streamlined ordering screen supports the quick service market while numerous other features meet the needs of restaurants offering delivery. The driver management screen allows you to easily assign drivers to specific orders, view order details and even see how long each order has been waiting. Advanced mapping functionality for delivery orders allows you to print directions right on the receipt paper. Advanced caller ID integration allows you to easily manage incoming calls. It also includes advanced reporting, a comprehensive customer database, employee management with built-in time clock, and a full range of standard restaurant features.

HarborTouch Retail

Harbortouch Retail is designed for retail businesses of all sizes and includes a robust set of features. A color/size/style matrix allows merchants to build custom attribute matrices for a particular piece of apparel. Additional retail specific features include gift receipts, registries, rentals and consignment functions, and layaway. It also includes advanced reporting, inventory tracking, vendor management, customer database and employee management with built-in time clock.

HarborTouch Salon Package

The HarborTouch Salon Package is everything you need for your hair or nail salon. Designed to meet the unique needs of salons and spas, this software includes a calendar for appointment setting, employee commission tracking, email and text appointment reminders, and retail functionality for product sales.

HarborTouch Convenience Store

Harbortouch C-Store meets the needs of the high-volume transaction environment found in convenience stores. It includes an age verification function for age-restricted products, advanced reporting, inventory tracking, vendor management, customer database and employee management with built-in time clock

HarborTouch Spirits

Harbortouch Spirits is designed to meet the unique needs of wine, beer and liquor stores. A key functionality of this software is an age verification process that prompts cashiers to ask for consumer identification and alerts them if the consumer can legally purchase age-restricted products. The system can also differentiate between single drinks and multi-packs when checking out customers. It also includes advanced reporting, inventory tracking, vendor management, customer database and employee management with built-in time clock.

HarborTouch ATM 

Harbortouch offers a comprehensive ATM solution. Our services include equipment, installation, cash replenishment and processing. Placing an ATM at your business location is a proven way to increase foot traffic while generating additional revenue from ATM surcharges.We can provide you with an ATM for your business. There are totally Free plans or you can purchase the ATM outright. Contact us for further details.

HarborTouch Gift Cards

Harbortouch Gift & Loyalty
Get 50 free custom gift cards!

Harbortouch offers 50 free customized, full color cards and a 60-day free trial to all of our merchants. We offer a variety of card options to best suit your specific needs. Choose from a broad selection of professionally designed card templates or produce your own cards with custom artwork and images. A simple and intuitive online interface allows you to easily select a template or upload your own image and then customize the cards according to your unique business requirements.


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