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We currently are featuring AldeloPay as one of the best merchant processing and software provider solutions available now.
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Difficult to choose Merchant Services Plan? No worries!
Sign up for the Simple Rate Plan and know your exact costs!
Know Your Exact Costs
Fixed at 2.50% + 10 Cents
Per Credit Card, Signature Debit, or PIN Debit Transaction
Regardless of Dip, Swipe, Tap, or Keyed
Next Day Funding Available*

​Free Aldelo Express iPad POS,
Free Aldelo POS, or Free XERA POS,
with Unlimited Stations.
Free Integrated Payment Access.
Free 24/7 Live Tech Support.
Free POS Software Updates.
Free Initial Menu Programming.
Free Remote Install Services.
Free Remote Training Services.
Free Merchant Portal.
Free License Registration Updates.

​No Monthly Minimum Processing.
​No Additional Auth or Item Fees.
​No Interchange Cost Pass-Thru.
​No Dues & Assessment Cost Pass-Thru.
​No Association Cost Pass-Thru.
​No Batch Close Fees.
​No AVS Fees.
​No Voice Auth Fees.

More Info
* For same merchant account location, non-transferable. Hardware, peripherals, payment devices, and onsite labor sold separately. Monthly account fee of $59 and Monthly TransArmor cost pass-thru of $5 applies. Please note that PCI Non-Validated Fee, Invalid TID/TIN Fine, and ACH Reject Fee may apply when incurred but is avoidable by Merchant. Chargeback, Retrieval, PIN Debit Annual Fees may apply when incurred. Next Day Funding available for qualified merchants and requires batch closing before 4 PM central time. Aldelo Pay Simple Rate has a 3 year contract with early termination fee at $995. POS and payment services offered on this website are intended for qualified retail or restaurant merchants located in the United States, having at least 70% of credit card transactions processed via face to face swiped or EMV. All POS, service, and upgrade savings are for illustration purposes over a period of 3 years with a 3 POS system installation scenario. 

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